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Adam Šťastný
Golf Professional




25 minutes



50 minutes


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Functional fitness

Price depends on our training plan


Kids courses

Click HERE -

For every lesson, I use video analysis and if needed launch monitor Garmin R10

*Kids and members of Loreta Golf Club Pyšely have different prices.

For more information just reach out to me and I'm sure we can figure something out :-)



4 lessons


8 lessons


20 lessons

"GREEN CARD" course

11 lessons, 9 hole game, rules









Kids and members of Loreta Golf Club Pyšely have different prices.

For more information just reach out to me and I'm sure we can figure something out :-)

Kids Camp 2023

Camp at Royal Golf Club Malevil

  • with overnight stay

  • 30th July - 4th August


  • To be disclosed

At every camp, you have 10% discount on your second child.

Camps that take place in Pyšely should be paid directly to the golf club's account.

For camps at Malevil, we are using a different company named FORE! z.s.

(all the information are at the contact below

For more information, you can contact me or take a look at Loreta's website: HERE! (Czech)

My Story

Golf & healthy movement

  I had 3 coaches in my life and I took something from all of them. Ivan my first coach taught me how to get kids excited about golf. With John, I trained the longest and I learned about the competitive side of golf, to be patient, and also to speak English pretty well :-). And lastly, with Tomáš we were using Trackman and the lessons were more technical and analytical. I took everything I could from all of them and now I implement that knowledge with my clients.

  My career as a player ended due to injuries and health problems connected to my body not being ready to withstand the training volume. I still love golf and since then I transitioned to teaching not only golf but functional fitness focused on healthy movement as well.

  In reality, that means that I work with my players on developing their natural skills but I use functional fitness in my lessons as well. My goal is to get my clients to understand what they need to do to hit shots they want to hit in a healthy way. I teach them what actually happens and needs to happen in the swing so the ball goes further or turns the way they want.

  I am fully licensed as a Golf Teaching Professional of PGA of the Czech Republic and I also have a license in functional fitness with focus on health. I actively attend educational seminars in both fields and I try to keep my playing ability on PAR as well :-)

  Outside of golf I play sports since I can remember - swimming, basketball, floorball, tchoukball, gymnastics, etc.

I have competed in 4 sports and coached in 3. Because of this I look at movement as a whole and I am not limited by the constrains of our sport. Therefore it helps me to help YOU no matter your age or level. :-)


  • 2015 - 2017 PGAC Golf Professional - A license

  • 2018 Functional fitness focused on healthy movement - Improve academy

  • 2015 - 2021 Educational courses at Czech PGA and Faculty of physical education and sport of Charles University 

    • Marián Jelínek - Sport psychology - influencing factors in the development of young athletes 

    • Karl Morris - Psychology of elite athletes

    • Lena Kadlec - Nutrition in golf

    • Steven Orr - Junior development

    • Viktor Gustavsson - Short game

    • Johnathan Mannie - Development of a player throughout his/her carreer

    • Dr. Ben Langdown - Biomechanics and creative training

    • PhDr. Andrea Levitová PhD - Compensatory excercises for children and youth in sports I & II


  • 2012 - 2013 Assistent for kids courses at Golf Club Terasy Ústí nad Labem

  • 2013 - 2016 Coach and later head coach at Golfgarden academy (kids courses at schools and kindergardens)

  • 2016 - 2020 Head Professional at Ringhoffer Golf Club at Štiřín

  • 2021 - 2022 Manager and Golf professional at Loreta Golf Academy in Pyšely​
My story


Personal information:

Adam Šťastný

Phone: +420 603192264 - only whatsapp


Account: 670100-2214116964/6210

Loreta Golf Club Pyšely

Reception: +420 606 602 422



Bank account: 107 - 1786240237/0100

FORE! z.s. 

a company founded for organizing events as kids camps, tournaments, etc.

CEO - Adam Šťastný

CIN (IČ): 01249410

Bank account: 2200395034/2010


Places of work

Main: Loreta Golf Club Pyšely web

Secondary: Driving range Cinda web

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