Adam Šťastný
Golf Teaching Professional




25 minutes



50 minutes



50 minutes for 2

600,- per person


Kids courses

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For every lesson, I use video analysis and if needed launch monitor Garmin R10

Kids and members of Loreta Golf Club Pyšely have different prices.

For more information just reach out to me and I'm sure we can figure something out :-)

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Functional fitness

Price depands on my level of involvement and on our training plan


Spring FRESH

available until 30th of June


8 lessons


20 lessons

"GREEN CARD" course

11 lessons, 9 hole game, rules









Kids and members of Loreta Golf Club Pyšely have different prices.

For more information just reach out to me and I'm sure we can figure something out :-)

Kids Camps 2022

Camps at Loreta Golf Club Pyšely

  • without overnight stay - 9 to 4 pm

  • 11th - 15th July

  • 17th - 22nd July

  • 15th - 19th August

  • 22th - 26th August

Camp at Loreta Golf Club Pyšely

  • with overnight stay

  • 31st July - 5th August

Camps at Royal Golf Club Malevil

  • with overnight stay

  • 10990,-

  • 17th - 22nd July

  • 31st July - 5th August (mostly booked)

At every camp, you have 10% discount on your second child.

Camps that take place in Pyšely should be paid directly to the golf club's account.

For camps at Malevil, we are using a different company named FORE! z.s.

(all the information are at the contact below

For more information, you can contact me or take a look at Loreta's website: HERE! (Czech)

My Story

Golf & healthy movement

  I had 3 coaches in my life and I took something from all of them. Ivan my first coach taught me how to get kids excited about golf. With John, I trained the longest and I learned about the competitive side of golf, to be patient, and also to speak English pretty well :-). And lastly, with Tomáš we were using Trackman and the lessons were more technical and analytical. I took everything I could from all of them and now I implement that knowledge with my clients.

  My career as a player ended due to injuries and health problems connected to my body not being ready to withstand the training volume. I still love golf and since then I transitioned to teaching not only golf but functional fitness focused on healthy movement as well.

  In reality, that means that I work with my players on developing their natural skills but I use functional fitness in my lessons as well. My goal is to get my clients to understand what they need to do to hit shots they want to hit in a healthy way. I teach them what actually happens and needs to happen in the swing so the ball goes further or turns the way they want.

  I am fully licensed as a Golf Teaching Professional of PGA of the Czech Republic and I also have a license in functional fitness with focus on health. I actively attend educational seminars in both fields and I try to keep my playing ability on PAR as well :-)

  Outside of golf I play sports since I can remember - swimming, basketball, floorball, tchoukball, gymnastics, etc.

I have competed in 4 sports and coached in 3. Because of this I look at movement as a whole and I am not limited by the constrains of our sport. Therefore it helps me to help YOU no matter your age or level. :-)


  • 2015 - 2017 PGAC Golf Professional - A license

  • 2018 Functional fitness focused on healthy movement - Improve academy

  • 2015 - 2021 Educational courses at Czech PGA and Faculty of physical education and sport of Charles University 

    • Marián Jelínek - Sport psychology - influencing factors in the development of young athletes 

    • Karl Morris - Psychology of elite athletes

    • Lena Kadlec - Nutrition in golf

    • Steven Orr - Junior development

    • Viktor Gustavsson - Short game

    • Johnathan Mannie - Development of a player throughout his/her carreer

    • Dr. Ben Langdown - Biomechanics and creative training

    • PhDr. Andrea Levitová PhD - Compensatory excercises for children and youth in sports I & II


  • 2012 - 2013 Assistent for kids courses at Golf Club Terasy Ústí nad Labem

  • 2013 - 2016 Coach and later head coach at Golfgarden academy (kids courses at schools and kindergardens)

  • 2016 - 2020 Head Professional at Ringhoffer Golf Club at Štiřín

  • 2021 - until now Manager and Golf professional at Loreta Golf Academy in Pyšely​


Personal information:

Adam Šťastný

Phone: +420 603192264


Account: 670100-2214116964/6210

Loreta Golf Club Pyšely

Reception: +420 606 602 422



Bank account: 107 - 1786240237/0100

FORE! z.s. 

a company founded for organizing events as kids camps, tournaments, etc.

CEO - Adam Šťastný

CIN (IČ): 01249410

Bank account: 2200395034/2010


Places of work

Main: Loreta Golf Club Pyšely web

Secondary: Driving range Cinda web